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Training with Colleen

I offer private online unlimited video review classes for a flat monthly rate. We work on any flyball skill that you would like. You video, we review together and then we put together a training plan that works best for you and your dog.

   Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • foundation games
  • introducing jumps
  • box work
  • striding
  • strength and conditioning
  • feedback from warm-ups, singles, or tournament debuts

Lessons and video review will include the training methods and philosophies that X has developed to help bring out the best in every dog we train. I also include instructional videos using my own dogs as demo dogs.

We will work together to train, problem solve, or motivate your next flyball star!

Current rates for online video review

For more information, PM me on Facebook (Colleen Morita) or email me:

photo by Fur Fetched Photography

The following videos are examples of training sessions with dogs and people that I have worked with or am currently working with. (Thank you to everyone who allowed me to use their personal videos!)

Pitch - Border/Whippet (board and train)

Puppy tug games - working on drive and foundation games.

Introducing jumps - working on using the dog's natural stride with puppy jumps.

Smitten - Whippet

Wall work - working on getting a quick snap off the wall to prepare to transition to the box.

Box work - working on a quick snappy box turn. 2nd session with the ball triggered.

Sharp - Border/Whippet

Gryphon - Malinois

The Here Game - working on focus and distraction training.

Full course work - working on putting it all together. First time doing full course work in a tournament environment. Best SDR time 3.877!

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